Here below, the papers that have been published so far (pre-prints available on my ResearchGate profile). I have published in leading journals in social demography, statistics and health.

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Research articles (peer-reviewed)

Methodological Development

  • Liao, T., Bolano, D. et al. (2022). Sequence analysis: Its past, present, and future. Social Science Research
  • Bolano, D. (2020). Handling Covariates in Markovian Models with a Mixture Transition Distribution Based Approach. Symmetry.
    (IF 2019 = 2.645.)
  • Bolano, D. and Studer R. (2020). The Link Between Previous Life Trajectories and a Later Life Outcome: a Feature Selection Approach  NCCR LIVES Working Paper
  • Bolano, D and Berchtold, A. (2021). The Analysis of Inequality in Life Trajectories: an Integration of Two Approaches. In Routledge Handbook on Inequalities and the Life Course
  • Bolano, D. and Berchtold, A. (2016). General framework and model building in the class of Hidden Mixture Transition Distribution models, Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, Vol. 93, pp. 131-145.
    (2019 IF = 1.530. Rated A in 2019 ABCD Journal List)
  • Bolano, D., Berchtold, A., and Ritschard, G. (2016) A Discussion on Hidden Markov Models for Life Course Data. Proceeding of the International Conference on Sequence Analysis and Related Methods, Lausanne (CH) June 8-10,2016, pp 241-260.
  • Rousseaux, E., Bolano, D. and Ritschard, G. (2013). The Rsocialdata package: Handling survey data in R. Proceeding of the XXVII IUSSP International Population Conference – Busan (Republic of Korea).

Family Demography

  • Bolano, D. and Bernardi L. (2024). Transition to grandparenthood and early retirement in midlife. Journal of Family Studies
  • Balbo, N and Bolano D. (2023) Child disability as a family issue: a study on mothers’ and fathers’ health in Italy. European Journal of Public Health
  • Balbo, N, Bolano, D. Egidi V, Moretti M, Solipaca A (2023). La disabilità come sfida per le famiglie. In: (a cura di): Tomassini C; Vignoli D, Rapporto sulla popolazione. Le famiglie in Italia. Forme, ostacoli, sfide. UNIVERSALE PAPERBACKS IL MULINO, Bologna:Mulino, ISBN: 9788891932310, ISSN: 1724-3734
  • Bernardi, L. and Bolano D. (2022). Vulnerability as a multidimensional process. Spillovers across life domains. In D Spini, E. Widmer (Eds.), Withstanding Vulnerability throughout Adult Life. Dynamics of Stressors, Resources, and Reserves. Palgrave.
  • Bolano, D. and Vignoli D., (2021). Union Formation under Conditions of Uncertainty: The Objective and Subjective Sides of Employment Uncertainty. Demographic Research, 45(5)
    (2019 Impact Factor = 1.5. Rated A in 2019 ABCD Journal Quality List.)
  • Testa, M.R., and Bolano, D. (2021). When partners’ disagreement prevents childbearing: A couple-level study in Australia. Demographic Research 44(33)
    (2019 Impact Factor = 1.5. Rated A in 2019 ABCD Journal Quality List.)
  • Bolano, D. and Arpino B. (2020). Life After Death. Widowhood and Volunteering Gendered Pathways Among Older Adults. Demographic Research
    (2019 Impact Factor = 1.5. Rated A in 2019 ABCD Journal Quality List.)
  • Bolano, D. and Vignoli D., (2020). First Union Formation in Australia: Actual Constraints or Perceived Uncertainty?. DISIA Working Paper 2020/07
  • Testa, M.R. and Bolano D. (2019). Intentions and Childbearing in a Cross-Domain Life Course Approach: The Case of Australia. Vienna Institute of Demography VID – Working Papers
  • Testa, M.R. and Bolano D. (2018).  From intentions to births: Gendered paths of realization in a multi-dimensional life course perspective. In Kapella O., Schneider N., & Rost H. (Eds.), Familie – Bildung – Migration: Familienforschung im Spannungsfeld zwischen Wissenschaft, Politik und Praxis. Tagungsband zum 5. Europäischen Fachkongress Familienforschung (pp. 105-124). Opladen; Berlin; Toronto: Verlag Barbara Budrich. doi:10.2307/j.ctvddzpz0.11

Health and Wellbeing

  • Comolli C., Bolano D., Bernardi, L and Voorpostel M. (2021). Concentration of Critical Events over the Life Course and Life Satisfaction later in life. SocArXiv 10.31235/
  • Ehsan, A., Bolano D. et al. (2020). Preventing loneliness in older migrants and locals: Lessons from a Swiss case study. European Journal of Ageing
    (IF 2019 = 2.413. Q1 in Health Social Science Scimago Journal Rank)
  • Vacchiano, M. and Bolano D. (2020). Online and offline leisure, relatedness and psychological distress: a study of young people in Switzerland. Leisure Studies RLST
  • (2019 Impact Factor = 1.566. Rated A in 2019 ABCD Journal Quality List.)
  • Lam J., Bolano D. (2018) Productive activities and subjective wellbeing among older adults: A couple-level analysis. Social Science & Medicine  (IF 2019 = 3.616)
  • Bolano, D., Berchtold, A. and Burge E. (2018). The heterogeneity of disability trajectories in later life: Dynamics of Activities of Daily Living performance among nursing home residents. Journal of Aging and Health (2019 IF = 2.070)

Doctoral dissertation

  • Markovian modelling of life course data. 2015. University of Geneva.

Although conventional Markov chains have been applied in many research areas, extensions such as the modelling of higher temporal dependencies, non-homogeneous processes, latent-based Markov models remain rarely used in demographic and life course research. The dissertation underlines the several features that make such models an interesting approach for analyzing and modelling life trajectories.

Master Thesis

  • Social Norms and Life Course: an Analysis of the European Social Survey. 2013 Master Thesis at Bocconi University

A multilevel analysis of social norms in Europe. The paper underlines the differences among European countries on the relevance of social norms (e.g., ideal ages at first birth, ideal sequence of life events) in contemporary societies.

Work in Progress

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Other publications

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